ACROMONT CORPORATION is a leading exporters from India and member of the wellknown AGARWALA GROUP from India and are pleased to offer you Guar Gum Powders and Food Ingredients on regular basis. ACROGUAR GUAR GUM DIVISION: Guar Gum is a Natural Hydrocolloid obtained from the ground endosperm of the guar plant, Cyanmopsis tetragonolobus belonging to the family Leguminosae. Guar is mainly grown in India and Pakistan from July to December. Availibility and pricing are depending very much on the quality of the monsoon during this period. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Guar Gum is a white to yellowish white powder. It is nearly odorless. Fine finished Guar Gum Powder is available in different viscosities and different granulometries depending on the desired viscosity development and application. Guar Gum is a natural high molecular weight hydrocolloidal polysaccharide composed of galactan and mannan units combined through glycosidic linkages, which may be described chemically as galactomannan. Dissolved in cold or hot water, guar gum forms a slime of high viscosity. Guar's viscosity is a function of temperature, time, and concentration. SPECIFICATIONS Minimum standards for good quality Guar Gum Powder have been defined in the United States FCC and by European Union Specification, E-412 as under: Moisture: max. 14 % Ash (total): max. 1.5 % Acid insoluble residue: max. 4 % Galactomannan: min 75 % Protein: max. 7 % Arsenic: max. 3 ppm Lead: max. 10 ppm Zinc: max. 25 ppm Copper and Zinc: max. 50 ppm APPLICATION -Bakery, Dairy, Meat, Sauces, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Textile printing, Mining, Water treatment , Oil-drilling, Tobacco, Cigarette Paper, Explosives, Agriculture, Ice Creams, Pet Foods, Soil erosion,etc. It is also a substitute for Sodium Alginate. It is also used as Rheological Additives and for watert treatment applications. NORMAL GUAR GUM POWDERS: Our Guar Gum Powders are exported under brandname ACROGUAR in different viscosities from 2000-8000 cps and in 100 - 300 mesh. Our products are natural and GMO free. Our ACROGUAR Brand is well established in international markets. Besides, we also offer ACROSPLIT Guar Gum Splits, ACROTAM Tamarind Kernel Powders and ACROCASSIA Cassia Tora Powders. CAS NO: 9000-30-0 ITC HS RITC Code: 13023202 EUROPEAN COMMUNITY FOOD STATUS : E-412 FOOD CHEMICAL CODEX FOOD STATUS : DIRECT FOOD ADDITIVE LOW VISCOSITY DEPOLYMERISED GUAR GUM ( ACROGUAR DP ) ACROGUAR DP products are a range of stabilizers with different viscosities manufactured by controlled thermo-mechanical depolymerization of galactomannan, extracted from the endosperm of Guar Seed (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba). The products are neutral in taste having different viscosity range in 1% solution at 25 Degree C measured on Brookfield RVT at 20 RPM. These products are used in various specialized food applications as soluble dietary fibre (Low Calorie Fiber) along with other polysaccharides / protein supplements. Because of low molecular weight, in comparison to the native guar gum, ACROGUAR DP Products are fast hydrating and afford problem free operations in the processing of food products. They are used in Salad Dressing, Tamato Ketchup, Soups, Fruit Sauces, Gravy, Cottage Cheese, Instant Drinks, Milk Products, etc. They can also be used for synergistic interaction with Xanthan Gum. Grades: 25-150 cps, 400-600 cps, 1000-1500 cps and 2000-3000 cps in 2 hours cold viscosity. Modified Guar Gums for Textile Printing Thickeners ( ACROTEX ): For this application, we offer various Modified Guar Gums and Tamaring Kernel Powders with Viscosity ranging from 1800 cps to upto 80,000 cps. CAS Nos. 684411-94-9, 68475-51-4, 70850-91-8 and 39421-75-5. HYDROXYPROPYL GUAR GUM for Oil well drilling ( ACRODRILL-HPG ): Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum is a gelling agent for Oil Field Application. This is produced from most advanced process technology by hydroxypropylation of Guar Gum which is derived from the endosperm of Guar Seed (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus). This product has excellent physio-chemical properties, viz. rapid hydration, thermal stability and very low residue content, which are desired from a gelling agent for Oil-Well Drilling Application. HP Guar has excellent solution rheology, solubility, stability and compatibility with various other auxiliaries used in Oil Drilling and is recommended for well stimulation, fracturing fluid and productivity enhancement. HYDROXYPROPYL GUAR HYDROXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE for Cosmetic Application: This is a modified Cationic Guar used in cosmetics and personal care formulations as thickener and conditioner. This is a specialty prodiuct used in Face Lotions, Shampoos, Liquid Soaps, Conditioning Lotions, Baby Care Products and Shaving Products. MODIFIED GUAR GUM for Paper Applications: We offer Modified Non Ionic Galactomannan and Phosphate Ionic Galactomannan for this application to improve bond strength, low porosity, improve filler retention, more grammage. We are also offering Guar Gum for Cigarette Paper applications. OTHER FOOD INGREDIENTS: -Citric Acid Mono & Anhydrous -Flavours -Aromas -Food Colors -Lake Colors -Essential Oils -Hydrocolloids -Gum Karaya -Pectins -Locust bean Gum (Carob Gum) -Sodium Alginate -Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) -Sodium Cyclamate -Sodium Saccarin -Carrageenans -Tamarind Kernel Powders -Soyabean Oil, Soya Lecithin -Emulsifiers & Stablizers -Deodorised Distillate -Food Ingredients and Additives -Malic Acid -Tartaric Acid -Potassium Bi Tartrate -Psyllium Husk -Sesame Seeds -Spices -Cassia Tora Powders -Sal Seed Oil ( Shorea Robusta ) -Peppermint and Menthol We also offer Biocides and Castor Oil Derivatives. We now request you for your valued enquiries which will receive our prompt attention. For further information, Samples, TDS or MSDS, please feel free to contact us at: Marketing Department ACROGUAR Division ACROMONT CORPORATION #6B TIRUMALA 35A BALLYGUNGE PARK CALCUTTA 700019 INDIA Tel: 91 98310 22424 Fax: 91 33 22891822, 22879163 Email: [email protected] Web: Bankers: Indian Overseas Bank International Business Branch 2 Wood Street Calcutta 700016 SWIFT: IOBAINBB585 copyright ACROGUAR 2006

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